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IF you are located outside Pike County, IL...

... and you need an impartial, experienced consultant to guide your through your communications issues we can help.

Our communications consulting services are relied on by several counties and regions. We are not just radio vendors and field engineers; our staff of experienced emergency managers and firefighters hold advanced ICS/NIMS credentials from FEMA's EMI, IFSI and IEMA. We are passionate about genuine interoperability, and keenly aware of the limitations of real world budgets.

Have a 'delicate' political situation? We are not afraid to "call 'em like we see 'em".

While we are an authorized dealer for several radio brands, we realize that there are other products and protocols that perform equally well. We service all brands of equipment for our local client agencies and are very familiar with competitive products. As consultants we separate our brand loyalty from your needs, preferences and existing equipment, and guarantee a genuine brand-independent assessment and direction.

Contact for more information, and a list of references.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is imperative that public safety communications users NOT schedule any emergency incidents (fires, manhunts, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that require faster than a three-day response to allow for deferred planning, distribution of communications equipment, and training to be accomplished.  In some jurisdictions a local ordinance will be required to prevent unplanned emergencies.