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Manure Systems


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NEW! - Simple solution to a vexing problem.
Portable radio users who rely on speaker microphones often complain that the radio doesn't work well when it is on their belt. 
Icom's new MB-98R belt clip angles the radio and antenna out away from the body, greatly improving radio performance.


FireElectronics sells to all qualified government agencies at GSA or better levels.

Radio Description List Price B&I Gov't
Icom F5011 50-watt 8-channel Basic Mobile Radio 360.00 311.67 CALL
Icom F5021 50-watt 128CH Mobile Radio w/display 415.00 351.39 CALL
Icom F5061 Advanced 50W Mobile Radio 625.00 503.06 CALL
Icom F5121D IDAS Digital 50W Mobile Radio 675.00 CALL CALL
Icom F3001 16CH Basic Portable Radio 240.00 219.44 CALL
Icom F3021S 128CH Advanced Portable Radio 415.00 345.83 CALL
Icom F3161S 512CH Public Safety Portable Radio 650.00 515.56 CALL
Icom F50V 128CH Submersible Small Size Portable 719.00 565.39 CALL
Icom F70S 256CH Advanced Submersible Portable 1,010.00 810.56 CALL
Icom F70DS P25 256CH Advanced Submersible Portable 1,935.00 CALL CALL
Above Pricing effective October, 2013. B&I and GSA prices FOB Griggsville, IL, Programming included.
Mobile pricing include microphone, mounting bracket and hardware, and power cable. Installation and antenna are NOT included.
Portable pricing includes antenna, Lithium-Ion battery, 120V battery charger and belt clip.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.



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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is imperative that public safety communications users NOT schedule any emergency incidents (fires, manhunts, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that require faster than a three-day response to allow for deferred planning, distribution of communications equipment, and training to be accomplished.  In some jurisdictions a local ordinance will be required to prevent unplanned emergencies.